How Green Is Your Valley? Album Here.

People have been asking me for years when 16 Tambourines’ album How Green Is Your Valley? would be available on the web, other than knock off cheap mp3s, and I’ve never been able to answer. I know that the rights lasted 25 years but I’m not sure who they now belong to. If it’s our old managers/production company I’m not happy because of certain shenanigans so I’ve decided it’s time to put it out there for anyone who wants it and for free. This version is a remastered Japanese reissue from 2000 which cost me £40 to buy but it doesn’t sound different to my cloth ears. If you download it rather than just stream I’ve included photos of the Japanese booklet which is twice as big as the original as it’s in Japanese and English which kind of made it worth the £40.

I’ve listened to the album today for the first time in many years and some of it I like some of it I don’t but such is life. I still like most of the songs but my voice and some of the instrumentation can annoy me but after all this time tis water under the bridge. I’ve also mentioned Brian Chin-Smithers (who has popped up quite a bit on here recently) because he had a lot of input in to this album well before it was recorded both on songwriting and the music. Anyway here it is, feel free to share and share alike. X

It’s Alright

An unreleased song from the archives featuring me, Brian Chin-Smithers, Martyn Campbell and Ned Murphy. A happy session.

A Taste of Honey

My old sparring partner Brian Chin Smithers (we wrote a lot of songs together before he moved to Brighton a decade or so ago) visited recently and we wrote a couple more songs. This one was written for a performance of the superb play A Taste of Honey at the Partington Theatre in Glossop.

That Was The Week That Was

A busy time it has been lately, here’s a random set of photies from the first week in October.

Cold War in Glossop

I had a great Saturday night here in my home town of Glossop performing my Cold War Spy show for the Defiance Night at the Labour Club in front of a full house along with good friend and collaborator Matt Hill aka Quiet Loner who did his superb Battle for the Ballot show. Feedback was fantastic so thank you to everybody who came along. Here’s a picture from the night.

Defiance at Labour Club
Defiance at Labour Club

Spy Stories & Songs Nominated..

Really pleased that my recent show at Buxton Fringe was shortlisted for the Best New Writing Award. Although I didn’t win I’m very happy to be nominated, so thanks to the Fringe judges.

Here’s an interview I did about the show.

And here’s a review of it.

If you’d like to book the show – it’s solo and would suit bookshops, libraries, schools, cafes, literary events etc – get in touch.

Photos from Buxton Fringe Festival

A Private Matter

The news in the big bad world has been non stop recently and as events are sweeping along I find myself running to catch up with the play merrily mixing metaphors. As always I’m writing and my songs are influenced by what’s going on around us. Just very recently David Cameron complained that whether his father stored his money in a tax haven was ‘a private matter’; in other words none of the country’s business. So I wrote a song about it. Then Cameron plunged us in to chaos by calling the referendum and was himself swept aside leaving him to struggle along on Poppa’s ill gotten, a massive salary and reduced to moving in to a £17 million mansion. Poor sod. Unfortunately, the song, and one I really really like, looks like old news. But it isn’t really as the Cameron story is the story of our age, cuddly Dave merely my muse. Here it is. There are a few other videos you might have missed on the video page. Take a peak and watch your wallet.


After moving my site to a more static type of host, I decided to come back to WordPress as I found I missed it so. I’ve imported my old site’s posts so there is a break of a year when it looks like i did nothing…

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