The Life of Books

This is great!” Frank Cottrell Boyce – bestselling author and screenwriter

“Brilliant” Stephen Booth – bestselling author of Cooper & Fry police procedural novels

“Steve Roberts is a voice against barbarism” Edward Wilson – bestselling author of Catesby series of spy novels

The Life of Books Project is an Arts Council of England funded project completed in June 2020.

I have researched, written and recorded 10 songs on the theme of our relationships with books and reading and it is a propaganda piece aimed at promoting bookshops, libraries and all things books. If you head over to my Blog pages you’ll find plenty of info about it including videos of early acoustic versions of songs and about the survey. I posted a lot on Social Media while undertaking this project and if you’d like to have a look at some of that friend me on Facebook.

I’m currently setting up a dedicated Life of Books website in order to document the project in full, including the audio documentary, paintings, videos, Survey submissions and more. I’ll update this page to reflect that.

If you helped by completing my survey or by chatting with me in the shop or on social media, thank you. All your thoughts, ideas and stories have gone into these songs and I’m very proud of what’s been written.

I have to say a special thank you to Craig Edmondson who produced it with me and, mostly, for me, as he played instruments, rearranged songs, sorted my playing into a coherent form and basically made sure it happened. Thank you Craig.

Below you’ll find the full audio documentary I put together in place of the scheduled live shows that of course haven’t happened due to the pandemic. It’s just under an hour long and includes all 10 studio recordings of the songs and a narrative explaining processes and some guests talking about… books! There’s also a written presentation of the project and further down the page you’ll find a few videos made to support some of the songs.  I’m hoping these 10 songs find a commercial release sometime in the future but in the meantime please enjoy them.

Thank you to everybody who contributed and helped I appreciate all of you.

Life of Books

Here is the full Life of Books documentary including all 10 studio recordings for you to stream.


Here are the videos for An Old Bookshop,  I Like Books and Left it in a Book.